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HPD has been producing stages for over 35 years. Our in-house artists and stage designers will work with you from the beginning concepts to assist you in developing a theme that will result in a vital and dynamic stage for your event. Our team will guide you through your event from its first inception to cover all your event needs, that may also include audio visual, lighting, sound, entertainment, catering, and creative trends.



HPD’s imagination and unique creativity will take your event to the next level. Through thorough planning and attention to details, HPD's Event Planning Service will be sure to surprise and

engulf each of your guests as they await for the event to begin. Spectacular room decor, amazing centerpieces and elegant linens are among some of the options that HPD event planners walk through with you, so you can assure your guests the evening will be filled with elegance and a star treatment ambiance.

Performance Lighting
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